WELCOME TO THE BAYLISS LINE. This blog has been created for my family. By "my family" I mean all those who are related to the Bayliss family either by blood, marriage or even relationship. There are, of course, other Bayliss families not related to us but this blog has at its heart a very specific family who had their origins in Gloucestershire. I am connected to that family because my mother was a Bayliss and it was her curiosity that started my research back in the early 1990's. So, what are you likely to see on this blog? Well, as it is a blog, I want it to be as entertaining as possible rather that a dry listing of facts (that is for Ancestry.com). I will, hopefully, be posting entries on our ancestors and relatives, on the places where they lived, and the historical times they lived through. I have an extensive collection of photographs of people and places which I will, of course, be sharing.

I'd like to ask anybody who reads this blog to give me some feedback. I'd really like this to be a two way thing. It sometimes unearths new information and, to be honest, it gives me encouragement. There will be two ways of providing feedback - either through the comment button (you will need a Google account for this) or via the e-mail address which appears on this page - alternatively, ring me. Now scroll down to read the latest entries.....and, of course, via Facebook.



This chart shows five generations of the Bayliss Family originating with
William Bayliss in Gloucestershire circa. 1800. For simplicity I have used
the spelling "Bayliss" throughout rather than the "Baylis" used by
many members of the family in the 19th Century.

1. William BAYLISS=  Elizabeth
             2. Charles BAYLISS (1821-1898) = Hannah DANCE
                             3. Charles William BAYLISS (1842-1900) = Nancy Harriett CURTIS
                                       4. Louisa Nancy BAYLISS (1864-1945)=William AMBURGH
                                                   5.Louisa Maud HAMBURG (1889-????)
                                                      Rose Lydia AMBURGH (1897-????)
                                                      Nellie AMBURGH (1900-1964)
                                           Albert Charles BAYLISS (1867-1929)= Minnie R. DUMAYNE
                                                   5.Oliver Charles BAYLISS (1893-1973)
                                                      Albert Charles BAYLISS (1895-????)
                                                      Alfred Percy BAYLISS (1897-1971)
                                                      Hector George BAYLISS (1899-1980)               
                                            John BAYLISS (1869-????)
                                            Henry Augustus BAYLISS (1871-1929)
                                            Eleanor Maud BAYLISS (1873-1953)=James Charles CANE
                                                    5 Louisa Maud CANE (1892-1943)
                                                       Edith Eliza CANE (1896-????)
                                                       James CANE (1901-????)
                                                       Henry George CANE (1907-1985)
                                                       Wilfred John CANE (1909-1972)
                                            William BAYLISS (1876-1930)
                                            George BAYLISS (1881-????)
                                            Herbert BAYLISS (1883-1918) = Esther ABBOTTS
                                                   5. Herbert BAYLISS (1903 - 1963) = Ada WILSON
                                                       Florence Maude BAYLISS (1905-1976) = Fred ABBOTT
                                                       Ethel Rosina BAYLISS (1907-1998) = Ernest HARRIS
                                                       Charles Henry BAYLISS (1909-1973) = Marjorie PRESTON
                                                                                                                = Nellie Eva HYDE
                                                       Arthur BAYLISS (1912-1989) = Phyllis May BROWN
                                                       Esther BAYLISS (1914-90) = Joseph SLATER
                                                       Stanley BAYLISS (1918-????) = Gladys SEAMONS
                               3.  Frances Mary BAYLISS (1851-1923)
                               3.  John BAYLISS (1852-1919) = Ann TREW 
                                            4. Walter H. BAYLISS (1874-????) = Jane Ellen FRANCIS
                                                     5.Albert H. BAYLISS (1895-????)             
                                                        Walter BAYLISS (1897- ????)
                                                        May BAYLISS (1898-????)
                                                        Fred BAYLISS (1903-????)
                                                        Dorothy BAYLISS (1905 - ????)
                                                        Winifred Violet BAYLISS (1900-????)= Reubin ARDEN
                                                        George Henry BAYLISS (1907 -1963)=Florrie CARTWRIGHT
                                3. Amelia BAYLISS (1855-1878) = Henry HUNT    
                                            4. Frederick Henry HUNT (1878-1972) = Kate TURNER
                                                     5.Evelyn Maud Amelia HUNT (1901-1994)
                                                        Thelma Adela HUNT (1905-1996)
                                                        Ethel May HUNT (1909-2002)
                                                        Douglas H. Hunt (1919-????)
                               3.   Louisa BAYLISS (1857-1930) = George HAMBIDGE 
                                            4. Elizabeth Ann HAMBIDGE (1888-1961)=Arthur Thomas ORPIN
                                                Francis Louisa HAMBIDGE (1893-1934)


  1. Hi Ernest, I am a member of the Bayliss family, one of many I imagine I was browsing the Internet when I came across your site. There were some striking resemblances between our families. My Uncle was called Ernest, I believe it was my Grandfathers family that lived in Westcliff on Sea (as well as south London) and there are/were family graves at I believe Southend. I have some old family photo's of the graves, as well as some of the family in the garden and I think of the house as well at Westcliff. I have never followed this up before and am a little vague about the dates etc till I dig out the old Family box in the loft. I'm not that good with computers,I Pads,Twitters and blogs and I'm never quite sure of the language. I always thought a mouse was a small furry rodent. I see I am now being asked to select a profile. I don't understand, I think I'll be Robert Redford.
    Cheers, Mike Bayliss

  2. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your comments. I doubt that we are related. Although I live in Westcliff my name is not Bayliss - that was my mother's family and the one I chose to research as (at the time) I knew nothing of my paternal line. Before I moved here in '86 the only Bayliss connection with the area was my aunt Esther whose maiden name was Bayliss. My uncle Bert lived for many years on Canvey Island but that is about as near as the actual Bayliss name got to Southend or Westcliff. The family, from about 1845 was mainly in North Islington around the Archway area. If any of your family came from there it is possible there is a connection.

    I do hope you enjoyed the blog. I won't be continuing with it as I have been concentrating on writing a 45,000 word book about my direct ancestors, concentrating on my parents and grand parents. This is now finished although some editing is needed. When that is done I may start blogging again but I have no idea about what - probably not genealogy.

    Which area are you currently in?

  3. Hi,
    I lived in Vorley Road N.19 as did my paternal grandfather his name was Herbert Bayliss, just wondering if we could be related, all around the same area.
    Shirley Parrott nee Bayliss

    1. Hi Shirley, How interesting. Can you tell me anything about your grandfather? My Herbert Bayliss died in 1918. I know there were other Bayliss families in the area and, of course, I remember Vorley Road very well. Do you remember a family calle Stevens who lived there? Hope to hear from you again.

    2. Hi, I know very little about my grandfather I think he died around 1958 and he was an underground train driver. I knew the Stevens family very well, they lived opposite us,
      I was friendly with the youngest daughter called Doreen. I think they lived next door to a family called Turner who had a daughter Kathleen

  4. I don't know if we are related for sure but after the death of my grandfather, Herbert Bayliss, in 1918, my grandmother Esther married a man named Parrott who changed his name to Barrett, so there may indeed be a connection. I remember the Stevens, boys, one of them sold me the family cat which I called Susie and kept for many years - I always wondered if he told his parents what he'd done !

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Responding to your last blog comment as can't find any email adress for you.

      Do you know anything about a Herbert Bayliss Silver, who in 1931 purchased a piece of land in Harrow? The only other mention of someone of that name is in link below - rt-hand column - where he's listed as a cadet in the Royal Garrison Artillery



    3. '...address', obviously, not 'adress'. Apologies.

    4. I just bought a house in Harrow and the first entry in the land register was made in 1971 - the seller being Herbert Bayliss Silver.

    5. Thanks for this, and apologies for delay in responding (usual excuses...).

      Do you have an address for the seller?

  5. Hi Ernest,
    Going by dates your grandfather could well have been my grandfathers father, I know so little about the family, seem to remember an Oxford connection being mentioned and my grandfathers sister lived on Canvey during the floods in 1953 don't know her real name as grandad called called her sis.Strange also the Parrott connection too, although it was many years later I became a Parrott.

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Pretty certain we are not close relatives, if related at all. Your grandfather was Herbert Frederick Bayliss, born 1893 in Islington and I am unaware of any connection.. I'll look a bit deeper and see what comes up.

  6. Hi Shirley,
    My grandfather Herbert did indeed have a son called Herbert (b.1903) and he and his wife Ada lived on Canvey Island during the floods in 1953. They had two children, Esther and Iris, both of whom emigrated to Australia. Herbert's bungalow was behind the Admiral Jellicoe pub at Leigh Beck on the island. I have many happy childhood memories of Canvey - I live not to far away at Westcliff-on-Sea.
    My uncle Herbert certainly wasn't a train driver though.

  7. My father was Raymond Cecil Bayliss born 28th October 1922 died June 2001 was born in Shropshire was wondering if we are related

    1. My partners sister is tina rose bayliss daughter of David Bayliss is there a connection x

    2. I have a uncle David in Shropshire I thunk still there c

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. My father's name Raymond cecil bayliss born 1922 in Shropshire. He had children before he meet my mum. In Kent . Sussex and London. Then us. His mother's maiden name was Hollyhead

  10. My father's name Raymond cecil bayliss born 1922 in Shropshire. He had children before he meet my mum. In Kent . Sussex and London. Then us. His mother's maiden name was Hollyhead

  11. My Great Grand Parents are A E Bayliss of Birmingham Gun Makes can you help please?

    1. Hi Mike, I came across a lot of Birmingham Bayliss during my research. I'm pretty certain I'm not related to any of them. It is a very common name in that part of England.

  12. Were Richard and Mary, William Bayliss' parents? Did he have siblings? What were their names? My Bayliss family tree goes back to Richard Bayliss 1760 of Temple Guiting, Gloucester.

  13. My mother, now aged 92, has asked me if I can find anything out about a man called David Bayliss who she knew briefly circa 1948 when they were both in their 20s. He was the son of the owner/MD? of HP Sauce. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    1. My partner and his father are both called David Bayliss I don't know if it's related but might be x

  14. My mother was Doris Elizabeth Bayliss, daughter of Richard Bayliss and grand-daughter of Alfred Bayliss from Apperley in Gloucestershire. She always said that two of Alfred's brothers had moved to London (although Alfred himself moved to the north west and then Wales) so there may well be a connection. She also said that her London relatives had been buried in Highgate Cemetery. If anyone can add anything to this, I shall be most interested.

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  16. hello my granddad was William henry Bayliss he married Ellen Wilkes they lived in Aston in Birmingham they had my mum patrica Freda bayliss i know nothing about my granddad and his family

  17. I am the granddaughter of Oliver Charles Bayliss (1893 - 1973). I'm the daughter of his 5th son Alan. What an interesting blog I'd be interested in making contact with others in the family.

    1. Hi Louise, Great to hear from you. So many who contact we are not related so I am so pleased to get a genuine relative. I'm away for a few days but we must talk more. My e-mail address is ernest.harris39b(at)yahoo.co.uk. Just substitute @ for the (at). Send me your address and I promise to contact you.

  18. This is fascinating. I am a great-great-grandson of John Bayliss (1852 - 1919 [although I thought he might have died before then]), through one of his other sons not listed here.

  19. my name is Judi Gibbs n I live in Australia. Migrated here 30 years ago. My grandfather was George Percy Bayliss an Englishman in the British Army in South India maybe Bangalore around 1924. He met my grandmother who is now deceased (Mary Josephine) and had a daughter Mary Dorothy Jane on 7 June 1925. She is 93 years old and lives in Mumbai India.looking to find anyone who knew him.TKU

  20. Hi Ernest, sorry I didn't reply to your previous comment, I hadn't noticed you'd replied. I have managed to work out that your grandad Herbert Bayliss would be my 1st cousin 3 times removed. His uncle John Bayliss, my great great grandfather (1852-1919) whom married Ann Trew, is where my tree is connected. Their son Albert Frederick is my great grandfather, his son George Arthur was my grandfather and his son Roger is my father. Keep up the good work, its fascinating reading and also very helpful to others researching their trees because it is a true account of family links (rather than some ancestry websites which can be confusing and sadly I've noticed people have added wrong family members). Regards, Christine.

  21. I'm still looking fr information about my maternal grandfather Percy or George who was sent to South India during the war around 1923 ...he had my mum with Stella in 1925 and named her Dorothy Jane Bayliss. He died in India.