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Monday, 11 July 2011


Marlborough Road today showing houses typical
of the period when the Bayliss Family first
moved there.

We pick up the story of our family in 1871. As we saw in a previous post, by 1861 the family had finally moved into Islington - Charles to Bemerton Street and his newly married son to Blundell Street.  Towards the end of the decade they were to move again. This time the move was to Upper Holloway, the area which, as we have seen, was commonly called Archway, taking its identity from the road bridge that spanned Archway Road.  Over the years various descendants of Charles Bayliss would live in many of the streets in the area but three streets will dominate the story - Marlborough Road, Anatola Road and Pemberton Gardens.  For the purpose of this post we need concern ourselves only with Marlborough Road. When Charles Bayliss and his family made the move to the area it was to houses in Hanley Road West.  Hanley Road was split by the main thoroughfare of Hornsey Road - to the north was Hanley Road and, if my sense of direction is correct, to the south-west was Hanley Road West.  This was the situation when the Bayliss family settled there. Marlborough Road did exist but ran only from Holloway Road to the point where the street divided to become Hatchard Road and Hanley Road West.  Sometime in the 188o's came the introduction of  postal area numbering. Upper Holloway, including Hanley Road West, became N.19 while Hanley Road became N.4. To save confusion it was decided that Marlborough Road would be extended to take in Hanley Road West.  This, of course, called for a renumbering of the houses.

Marlborough Road today showing the  Prince Alfred
public house. The Two houses owned by Charles
Bayliss (now demolished) were situated next to
the pub where the white car stands.

In 1871 Charles Bayliss was living at 24 Hanley Road West in a house one door away from The Prince Alftred public house. Charles would eventually buy the lease of this house and the one next door which would respectively become 135 and 137 Marlborough Road. Living with Charles at the house are his wife Hannah and children John and Amelia. The house is shared with two other families, those of George Tomeson, a builder, and George Manevill, a painter. Elizabet Ann, who years later would marry Charles Scotcher and move into 135 Marlborough Road) is still working as a domestic servant, no longer in Studd Street but now at 58 Essex Road for the James family, Mr.James being an ironmonger. I have been unable to trace the whereabouts of Elizabeth Ann's sister, Frances Mary.

Charles' son, Charles William, and his wife Nancy are living at 35 Hanley Road West. Their children are listed as Louisa, Albert, John and three month old baby, Henry. Like his father, Charles William's profession is listed as Plasterer. They share the house with two other families, the Hewitts and the Barretts. The Barretts, as we shall see later, were, despite the name, not related to later Barretts within our family. There is reason to believe that both Charles and Charles William were working for the builders firm of A.E.Etheridge in Holloway Road. Whether employed their permanently or just hired for specific jobs is unknown.

A modern map of the area. The Prince Alfred Pub (marked with red dot) with
 the Bayiss houses next door is situated on the corner of Marlborough Road
 and Sussex Way (then known as Cottenham Road). The exact
position of 35 Hanley Road West is uncertain.

By this time it seems likely that Charles Bayliss also had a steady income from the rents of the leasehold he held on his former address at 66 Bemerton Street.  In the following years Charles would take out mortgages on several other Islington houses, including two in nearby Cottenham Road and another Anatola Road so it is fair to assume that the Bayliss family, if not rich, were comfortable by the standards of the time.

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  1. I used to know these roads and the surrounding area so well, but had no idea of the family links that existed, for some reason I don't remember them ever being talked about in the family.

    Shame really as I feel we should know a lot more detail than you've been able to find out, if people had been more forthcoming years ago.