WELCOME TO THE BAYLISS LINE. This blog has been created for my family. By "my family" I mean all those who are related to the Bayliss family either by blood, marriage or even relationship. There are, of course, other Bayliss families not related to us but this blog has at its heart a very specific family who had their origins in Gloucestershire. I am connected to that family because my mother was a Bayliss and it was her curiosity that started my research back in the early 1990's. So, what are you likely to see on this blog? Well, as it is a blog, I want it to be as entertaining as possible rather that a dry listing of facts (that is for Ancestry.com). I will, hopefully, be posting entries on our ancestors and relatives, on the places where they lived, and the historical times they lived through. I have an extensive collection of photographs of people and places which I will, of course, be sharing.

I'd like to ask anybody who reads this blog to give me some feedback. I'd really like this to be a two way thing. It sometimes unearths new information and, to be honest, it gives me encouragement. There will be two ways of providing feedback - either through the comment button (you will need a Google account for this) or via the e-mail address which appears on this page - alternatively, ring me. Now scroll down to read the latest entries.....and, of course, via Facebook.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


With family members living in Southend on Sea and Canvey Island for many years (and some of us are still here!) the Cockle Sheds at Leigh on Sea have been a favourite place to visit for relatives to visit over the years. I'm still a regular there both for the seafood or a visit to the jazz club at the Mayflower Pub. The photo shows one of the cockle sheds in times gone by but except the the pile of shells things have not changed much and I wouldn't be surprised if that old shed wasn't still standing.


  1. That's a bit more as I remember it.

  2. Cockles and a pint in the Crooked Billet. Can we meet there sometime?

  3. Was there today, Sue....mussels, cockles, crab meat and crab claws in breadcrumbs!