WELCOME TO THE BAYLISS LINE. This blog has been created for my family. By "my family" I mean all those who are related to the Bayliss family either by blood, marriage or even relationship. There are, of course, other Bayliss families not related to us but this blog has at its heart a very specific family who had their origins in Gloucestershire. I am connected to that family because my mother was a Bayliss and it was her curiosity that started my research back in the early 1990's. So, what are you likely to see on this blog? Well, as it is a blog, I want it to be as entertaining as possible rather that a dry listing of facts (that is for Ancestry.com). I will, hopefully, be posting entries on our ancestors and relatives, on the places where they lived, and the historical times they lived through. I have an extensive collection of photographs of people and places which I will, of course, be sharing.

I'd like to ask anybody who reads this blog to give me some feedback. I'd really like this to be a two way thing. It sometimes unearths new information and, to be honest, it gives me encouragement. There will be two ways of providing feedback - either through the comment button (you will need a Google account for this) or via the e-mail address which appears on this page - alternatively, ring me. Now scroll down to read the latest entries.....and, of course, via Facebook.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


When you blog you always hope that somebody out there is reading what you write and, perhaps, find it interesting. For several years now I've been running a blog about films which has had something in the region of 60,000 hits and THE BAYLISS LINE around 10,000. Not bad. Despite this I think that it is in the nature of a compulsive blogger to be paranoid and wonder if people out there are really reading what he writes. I forget who it was who told me "Don't worry about it - just blog for yourself."  Good advice but there is always that little devil who sits on your shoulder and whispers in you ear "Is there anybody out there?"

When I started the blog I hoped that people would comment on the actual blog. A few did, notably cousins Alvin and Susan, but this doesn't seem to be the preferred method. I have no idea if Alvin still reads the blog (I suspect he does) but he won't comment now. Susan, who has contributed memories and other things doesn't stay in regular contact sadly.Susan's brother Bern reads the blog and stays in contact via Facebook. Alva, like Alvin, has contributed some wonderful photos. Sally Bayliss has also contributed photos (which I have yet to use), reads the blog, comments and stays in touch regularly. Sandra, Margaret and Pam stay in touch by phone. Ian and Robin don't seem to actually read the blog but have given the research their support and Ian's wife Adrienne is doing terrific research into her own family.Last year, of course, Alvin tracked down Treena in Spain and now all her family follow the blog. Iris and Mike in Australia seemed very enthusiastic when I contacted them but have failed to stay in touch.

Some good news is that cousin Mandy is now following the blog and hopefully Carole and her family will follow suite. We've always been in phone contact so I'm more than happy they now have access to the blog.
Mandy tells me that she now has Joyce Booth's photographs so I'll be going down there next years when I start writing about that side of the family.

There are others who regularly read the blog whom I have not mentioned by name - Cheryl, Julie, Tracey, etc and I mustn't forget the non-family members like Ian and Rickster who check the blog out regularly.

Welcome to the blog cousin Mandy.


  1. I wouldn't miss ANY of your blogs. And don't worry about that feeling that no one's reading. I think every blogger probably gets that. But just when you think you're talking to yourself, you get evidence that there ARE people reading. I can speak from experience. As you know, a post I wrote on my blog in 2008 just this week got a response and even a gift in the mail. So blogging seems to have a long life of its own. Even if someone's not reading today, they'll be reading tomorrow.

  2. So true. I started a little survey because I felt I was losing regular readers and found I had even more than I thought. I suppose it is part of the human condition that we want to know that what we do, if not exactly appreciated (that is totally the wrong word) is worthwhile. My film blog is temporarily closed but will reopen in the new year after a slight refurbishment and likewise there will be some new posts on THE STRANGEST OF PLACES very soon. I'm currently writing an article about Soho in the 1960's for DOWN THESE STREETS. Your encouragement is very much appreciated especially as yours was the first blog I ever read and was the inspiration for me to enter the blogasphere.

  3. I'm not family, but I read your blog. You give sound advice: blog for yourself and have fun doing it. :)

  4. Hi Amy, How nice to hear from you. It is always especially nice to hear from people outside the family. As soon as I get a chance I will check out you blogs.
    Would you like me to provide links to them on this page? I certainly have fun doing the blog which is perhaps why I like to know others read it - I want to share that fun. Let me know about the links.