WELCOME TO THE BAYLISS LINE. This blog has been created for my family. By "my family" I mean all those who are related to the Bayliss family either by blood, marriage or even relationship. There are, of course, other Bayliss families not related to us but this blog has at its heart a very specific family who had their origins in Gloucestershire. I am connected to that family because my mother was a Bayliss and it was her curiosity that started my research back in the early 1990's. So, what are you likely to see on this blog? Well, as it is a blog, I want it to be as entertaining as possible rather that a dry listing of facts (that is for Ancestry.com). I will, hopefully, be posting entries on our ancestors and relatives, on the places where they lived, and the historical times they lived through. I have an extensive collection of photographs of people and places which I will, of course, be sharing.

I'd like to ask anybody who reads this blog to give me some feedback. I'd really like this to be a two way thing. It sometimes unearths new information and, to be honest, it gives me encouragement. There will be two ways of providing feedback - either through the comment button (you will need a Google account for this) or via the e-mail address which appears on this page - alternatively, ring me. Now scroll down to read the latest entries.....and, of course, via Facebook.

Friday, 14 October 2011


Your genial host!
Well, I think it is time to take stock of where we are and where we are going on the blog. I find it hard to believe that I only started posting on the blog in June, it has become such a part of my life now.
I am, of course, pleased that I have been able to correct errors that appeared in my earlier account of the family story but the thing I am most proud of is that the blog has enabled many of the family to be in touch with each other again. We are a family reunited again. There are a few people whose whereabouts remain a mystery and, sadly, there are a few family members who really don't care . But when push comes to shove all I can do is contact people and tell them about the blog. If they are not interested or can't be bothered to keep in touch there is little I can do. If you are reading this I thank you for supporting the blog. We have a nice little community of family and friends going on Facebook where I always announce the new posts as they appear.
Of course, not everybody is on Facebook - those of you who are not I suggest you just drop by the blog on a regular basis and check it out. 

Cousins Alvin and Sue have both done terrific work for the blog. It was through Alvin that some people we had lost touch with were traced and he has supplied me with some wonderful pictures that will one day appear on the blog.  Sue has given me some wonderful memories of the family in Upper Holloway in the 1950's which I look forward to printing in full when we get to that part of the family story. Over the years Sue has shared many thoughts with me and, like Alvin, has shared her photographs generously.

I do have to admit to disappointment that many in the family have, despite promises, never gotten around to sharing old photographs and pleas for family memories have, mostly, gone unanswered. I can only reiterate that this blog is about YOU.  I can only write about what I can find in or deduce from official records and my own memory and stories I have heard.  If you've got a good family story, tell it here. Write it down and send it to me. I'll happily rewrite it for you if you wish. It can be as long or as short as you want. And, of course, if you have rare, funny or interesting photos please share them. You don't have to part with your treasures - just contact me and we'll sort something out.

One thing has really surprised me. On the blog there is an offer to attempt to answer any questions arising from our family history. So far only one person has taken up that offer. Why did I make it?  Well, cousin Alvin asked me a simple question about his maternal grandparents and within a few days we had a whole new branch added to our family tree with names, photos and addresses!  That is how this blog and our family tree will grow - we've got to keep replanting the seeds. If you have weddings or births within your part of the family I'm happy to announce them on the blog - it's not only about the past!

For the future?  Well, there will be at least two more posts chronicling the family and relatives during the First World War.  The first of these will tell the story of my paternal line, the second will bring us to the death of my grandfather, Bert Bayliss.  I will continue for the foreseeable future to tell the story in chronological order with only a few diversions.  After that I will start to pick out individuals within the family for closer attention which is why memories of the generations that have gone before us are so important to record. Be sure there will be a few surprises.

Please keep reading the blog and KEEP THE COMMENTS COMING IN.

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  1. Nice summing up of where we are now.

    It's a shame we can't get more of the family involved, perhaps it will happen now there is so much of interest here.